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    Question About Naming Molecular Compounds

    Okay so I have started this debate with my Chemistry Teacher about how you determine if a compound is Ionic or Covalent. I was basing on how I name a compound based on the Electronegativity. Based on the χ<0.4⇒ covalent non-polar 0.4<χ<1.7⇒ covalent polar χ>1.7⇒ ionic So for example on PbI2...
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    melting points of compounds

    Rank from highest to lowest melting points: KBr, SiO2, NaCl, CH3CH2CH3, CH3CH2OH
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    Please help me with some compounds

    I need to choose at least 1 compound from the following(The question relates to the compounds only at room temperature): H2,Hg,He,H2O,H2S,H2Se,CH4,NH3,MgH2 which: 1. weak base in aqueous solution 2. weak acid in aqueous solution 3. room temperature solid compound with characteristics of...
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    Compounds of nitrogen

    Why does nitrogen form pentaoxide but not pentahalides?
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    Inquiry lab inorganic compounds

    Hello, I am having a problem with the following: I need to find a way to identify 3 given solid compounds as either salt, hydroxide or acid. I would start with measuring pH after dissolving in water. Low pH would mean it s no hydroxide, but it can still be an acid or a salt. Then I would...
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    Complex compounds as biological catalyst

    Hello! I need help for my powerpoint presentation. I would be very grateful if someone could help me with this problem. I need few examples of compounds which are complex compounds and also biological catalysts. Thanks!
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    Why aren't Ionic Compounds Molecules?

    Okay I understand why ionic compounds are ionic compounds and that is the ionic bonding. What I don't understand is why this isn't a subset of the molecules. They have these properties that some molecules share: Negative and Positive parts High Solubility in water Forms a lattice in the...
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    boiling point of organic compounds

    Which one of these have the lowest boiling point? How can you tell which one has the lowest BP? all are isomers of C3h9n Propamine -------> CH3-CH2-CH2-NH2 : Prop-2-amine --------> CH3-CH-NH2-CH3 EthyMethylamine -------> CH3-NH-CH2-CH3 TriMethylamine -------> N(CH3)3 Is it propamine...
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    Why do these two compounds have different Boiling Points (BP's)?

    2-Methylpentane and 2-Pentanone have similar Molar Mass' but different BP's. In terms of the Intermolecular forces and surface area of the molecules explain why. I had since 2-Methylpentane is an Alkane consisting of only Carbon and Hydrogen it is non-polar (due to the distribution of electrons...
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    Need help determining compounds and if an equilibrium reaction?

    I've tried contacting my teacher but unfortunately this is an online course and he is not responding. What are the compounds and intermediates of 1 through 4 in the equation in this link? And Why is this NOT an equilibrium reaction? Assuming that I add exactly 5ml of (1) (d=1.05g ml), how many...
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    Need help determining compounds and intermediates of this equation

    It asks me to name the compounds and intermediates at (1) to (7). 1 is acetic acid and 2 is alcohol but not sure on the rest.
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    co-ordination compounds

    amongst the following which don't form square planar complexes? 1) ni(+2) and rh(+1) with strong field ligands 2)rh(+1) and ag(+2) with strong field ligands 3)pd(+2),pt(+2) and au(+3) with strong and weak field ligands 4)none i think the answer should be 3) but the correct answer is 4).explain
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    Ka values for these particular compounds

    Potassium Hydrogen Tartrate Potassium Hydrogen Pthlalate Potassium Hydrogen oxalate I need the Ka values for those 3 acids for my chem lab and nobody can find them
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    Help with fluoride compounds

    Hi If i had two water samples from the same source, both with a definite value of Sodium Silicafluoride...and i attempted to convert the Sodium Silicafluoride in one of the samples into Calcium Phosphate Fluoride successfully....would you expect to see a change in values in the levels of...
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    Seperating Ions in Solution

    I only have two of these question but am totally confused by both. My teacher isn't the best and I'm taking the course online so it doesn't help any. Here is an example of how the question should be properly done (as I find people generally have a hard time conveying what my teacher is trying...
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    Ionic Compounds?? HELP!!

    . Look at the the label of any household item (cereal, shampoo, can of soup, etc.). identify 2 ionic compounds in the item. Identify the item of your study or no credit will be given. Well first I was like hey this will be easy name something that has a ionic compound in it and put the...
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    Predicting lattice energies of ionic compounds with oxyanions...?

    So I know that lattice energy is closely related to electric potential... the lattice energy of an ionic compound is proportional to the product of the charges on its irons and inversely proportional to the bond length. Now what if the anion from the ionic compound is a polyatomic oxyanion...