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    How do I calculate the concentration of a stock solution?

    How do I calculate the concentration of a stock solution prepared in a 100cm3 volumetric flask that contains 75mg of Acesulfame K, 50mg of Saccharin and 200mg of Aspartame ?
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    Back Titration (or Indirect titration) to determine concentration of acetylsalicylic

    MW21 New Members 0 1 post Report post Posted 1 hour ago For school, we performed a back titration involving one brand of aspirin and were told to determine the quantity of acetylsalicylic acid in a single tablet. sodium hydroxide was added in excess then the solution was heated. the excess...
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    Determination of concentration of dissolved amides???

    Hey guys! I am completely stuck. Are there any laboratory methods for determining the concentration of trace dissolved amides in water? The range would be 0-2 mg/L of a mixture of long-chain secondary amides. Preferably any spectrophotometer methods not involving expensive equipment such as MS...
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    Measure NA chlorate concentration vs chloride

    Hello, I am using an electrolytic cell to convert sodium chloride to sodium chlorate (NOT per-chlorate, just straight NaCLO3). How can i measure the relative concentration of chlorate to chloride? I need to find a way to track how much of the conversion has been completed. The application is...
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    Formula for pH adjustment

    I have come up with the following formula but the results do not seem right. Can someone confirm this is right or wrong. If wrong suggestions would be appreciated. Problem: I need to adjust the pH of large quantities of waste water pH as high as 12 with a 35% Sulfuric Acid solution (...
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    Solubility and concentration

    Hi :) I am confused on what formulas to use when answering questions like these: 1. A sample of pond water contained 88.00 µg g−1 of dissolved oxygen gas. Calculate the amount in grams of dissolved oxygen in 4.00 L of pond water. 2. A desirable level of dissolved oxygen in river water is 8...
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    Finding Riboflavin Concentration in Tablet

    I need help understanding how to solve for the riboflavin concentration in a tablet. Here's the problem: The ribofalvin concentration in an unknown powder solution is 50.4 ppm. The total volume of the unknown powder solution is 250.00 mL. What is the concentration in the tablet (mg...
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    Freezing point depression of ZnCl2

    Hello, I did an experiment on how different concentrations of ZnCl2 affect the freezing point of demi water. My results were that till a concentration of about 10 mol dm-3 the freezing point decreased (more or less in a linear manner). After that at concentrations of 15mol dm-3 the freezing...
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    Maintaining fluoride ion concentration

    This is the problem: Fluoridation is done by continuously adding sodium fluoride to water drawn from a reservoir. Assume you are responsible for the fluoridation of your city's water. How many tons of sodium fluoride must you add to the water supply each year (365 days) to maintain a fluoride...
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    Cumulative Concentration

    I need to figure out the cumulative concentration of specific metals in both mg/L and mg/kg that have been added to a known volume of fluid through the addition of certain products. For example product X would have 13.2mg/kg of nickel and 5 units of product X have been added to 100m3 of fluid...
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    FeEDTA Concentration

    For gold dissolution in Sodium Thiosulfate solution, I have to add FeEDTA at a concentration of 0.002 mole/L. I have with me Ferric sulfate and EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) separately. Please advise me how many grams of ferric sulfate and EDTA I have to dissolve into the solution...
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    Sodium Thiosulfate Concentration

    Kindly explain the following: I have to prepare 1 liter solution of sodiumthiosulfate at a concentration of 0.3 M/L How many grams of sodiumthiosulfate shall I add to one liter of water. Please explain the calculation method also. Thanks!
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    Calculate the concentration?

    The rate constant for the reaction 2N2O5(g) → 4NO2(g) + O2(g) is equal to 4.37 x 10–5 s–1 at 30 ºC. If the initial concentration of N2O5 is 0.372 M what concentration of NO2 will be observed after 145 minutes? Assume that initially no NO2 was present in the reaction vessel. Thanks in advance
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    Molar concentration

    How many litres of (NH3) (the volume is measured in standart conditions) must be dissolved in 200 g of a 10% solution NH4OH to obtain 15% solution of the ammonium hydroxide?
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    Molarity and Ion concentration question

    I finally got to the last page of my assignment, and there is a problem I can't figure out how to do. It is this: Given the reaction below, if 52.2mL of 0.771M Ba(NO3)2 reacts with 65.9mL of 1.11M NaF, calculate the concentration of all ions in solution after the reaction. Ba(NO3)2 (aq) + 2NaF...
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    Calculate the label concentration of the NaOH solution

    I've been stuck on this question for hours now, I dont really know where to start and I was wondering if you guys could help me out The concentration of a solution of NaOH of unknown concentration was determined in the following titration: 25.00-mL aliquots of the NaOH solution, measured by...
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    Hello, I can't seem to get the right answer for this question: 300 cm3 of water is added to a solution of 200 cm3 of 0.5 mol dm–3 sodium chloride. What is the concentration of sodium chloride in the new solution? So far I have done: 300 cm3 = 0.3 dm3, 200cm3 = 0.2 dm33 C = n/v =0.5/(0.3+0.2)...
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    Serial dilutions help

    Hi there - please help! If I have 10mls of stock solution at 10-3 M (I assume this means 10-3 moles per litre). How do I create 1ml of 10-4M? and then 1ml 3x10-4M solutions? Do I just take 1 ml of stock solution and add this to 9 mls of distilled water for 10-4? And then take 3 mls of this and...
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    Some chemistry questions I need help with

    1. a)You put [H2] = 0,70M, [I2] = 0,70M and [HI] =1,50M. And the K value is 49. Decide the equilibrium concentrations. H2 + I2 <-> 2HI b) Which concentration HI gets inserted if the iodine concentration at a new equilibrium is 0,42Molar. The K value is still 49. c) What happens with the...
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    Two hydroxides; which will precipitate

    Im struggling with this question: Im not looking for the answer, maybe just an example of how to do a similar question. Any help you can offer is much appreciated. Suppose two hydroxides, YOH and Z(OH)2, both have Ksp=1/0*10^-12 and that initially both Y+ and Z^2+ are present in a solution of...