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    Finding solubility constants in a titration

    For a lab we are doing in class, we were given this data: Mass of Potassium Hydrogen Phthalate: 0.10g (this was in the Erlenmeyer flask) Volume of Water: 50 mL (also in the Erlenmeyer flask) Volume of Calcium Hydroxide Used to Titrate: Trial 1-162.80mL, Trial 2-190mL, Trial 3-163.10 mL...
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    Coupling Constants and Splitting Diagrams Explaining Multiplicity

    I'm having difficulty understanding these concepts. Specifically.. in order: (1) So I read that coupling constants identify coupled protons. What is the basic concept here that I'm not understanding? I'm having all these terms like... f***ing number of peaks determining multiplicity of a...