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    conversion question

    What is the conversion of in Hg to torr? If it helps, the problem this conversion comes from is as follows (summarized): barometric pressure is 30.45 in. Hg. (a) convert this pressure to torr. (b) convert this pressure to atm. The conversions the book gives in regards to pressure are as...
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    Conversion issue on Acids and Titratable acidity

    Hi All I am new here. I have one problem that I would greatly appreciate your help.I have data of citric acid (dominant acid) and two other acids (malic and glutamic)of a certain garden fruit measured by spectrophometric method and they are given in mg/gfw which is "miligram per gram of...
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    Chem 101: explanations would be appreciated!

    Hello my scientific community, I have just begun my Chem 101 classes at college. I became overly frustrated with a few problems and have turned to the internet for some answers. Hopefully this method of education will help solidify my understanding. Most of the trouble that I am having is with...
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    Help with conversion from N/cm^2 to Pascals

    I'm using the website to help me through my first chemistry course. I came across this problem, and I'm really struggling with the conversion from N/cm^2 to Pa. Please help! Here's a image:
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    Please help me with this conversion

    I just want help with an approach on how to do it. Please don't tell me the answer. Given a container that is 4.00 ft by 7.00 ft filled with water that is 8.00 inches deep. What is the volume of water in liters? (1 cubic cm= cc= cm^3= 1mL) How many 50 mL syringes could you fill up given the...
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    Unit Conversion

    The problem states: Express an accelration of 9.81 meters · second^2 in kilometers per hour squared. So far I have come up with: 9.81 m · s^2 x 1 km / 10^3 m x (3600 s/ 1h)^2 It's been a long time since I've done this sort of thing and for some reason I cannot for the life of me figure...