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    carboxylic acid/koh calculating titration curves

    Hi, I am attempting to calculate various theoretical tittration curves for a strong base weak acid titration: similar to the one in this wiki: I don't have any difficulty calculating the inital ph or the pH at/after the equivalence...
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    Titration curves

    Hi everyone, I have to do the following question. Illustrate the titration of: a) glycine b) glutamic acid and c) lysine with the help of appropriate titration curves. Your answer must contain the pk values for the associated and dissociated forms for each of the 3 amino acids. Determine...
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    calibration curves? Glass Silica?

    Hey guys, I need help with a couple of questions: 1- Ways that calibration curves become nonlinear? 2- Why does glass silica work with Raman spectroscopy but not with IR spectroscopy? Thank you.. :)