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    Thermal decomposition of calcium carbonate.

    In general, we heat CaCO3 to temperature of approximately 825°C it decomposes into calcium oxide and liberates carbon dioxide gas:* CaCO3 →825°C→ CaO + CO2* Is it possible to heat the calcium carbonate at temperatures below 825 degrees Celsius.
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    Thermal decomposition

    Hi, I have a question that gives me the equation Cs2CO3 (s) :rarrow: Cs2O (s) + CO2(g) and tells me that ΔH = +400 kJmol-1 and ΔS = +161 J molK, and therefore decomposition takes place at ≥2483K. Then in the next section it proceeds to say "However, Cs2CO3 decomposes at 883K, explain the...
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    Quick question on chemical decomposition

    So I'm studying for the ACS exam which will count as my final exam in 2 weeks, and I decided to do so by taking past ACS exams. I encountered a question that I can't figure out the reasoning behind the answer, and I was hoping to get some help. This is the question word for word: "Oxygen gas...