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    Density of sucrose solution

    How do I calculate the density (g/ml) of a sucrose solution if the concentration of the sucrose (g/L) in the solution is known? I can solve this problem if I know the concentration of sucrose on a wt/wt basis (g/g). For example, if the density of a sucrose solution is 150 g/kg, in 1 kg of this...
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    Chem 101: explanations would be appreciated!

    Hello my scientific community, I have just begun my Chem 101 classes at college. I became overly frustrated with a few problems and have turned to the internet for some answers. Hopefully this method of education will help solidify my understanding. Most of the trouble that I am having is with...
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    Nuclear Density

    Hi.. Hope everyone will be fine. I'm a newcomer here... In a recent lecture, my tutor gave an assignment to me to right down 5 reasons on " Why nuclear density in independent of mass number? ". I searched alot but didn't find any reason... Need Help. Naxi
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    Lattice Points and Density?

    Please help I am reviewing for the ACS and my professor sucked. For the same atoms at the lattice points, which lattice exhibits the lowest density? (A) body-centered cubic (B) face-centered cubic (C) hexagonal (D) simple cubic
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    Liquefying air

    Hi there. I am interested in a process whereby you can liquefy relatively large quantities of air quickly. I'm not talking about compressing the air and cooling it (joules-Thompson) but rather, are you able to use a liquid helium refrigeration cycle and pass the air across a membrane or...
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    Density of a Mass vs. Volume Graph

    Question: A student collected four different samples of a substance and generated a Mass vs. Volume graph. What is the density of the student's sample? When the samples are graphed, the graph indicates: y = 0.784x. Is the density the same as the slope? Therefore, would the density be 0.784...
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    Density questions

    I'm having trouble with the following two questions. Thanks! 1. How does density of an element correlate to atomic size down a group on the periodic table? 2. When Bill took his recycling to the recycling center last weekend, he was surprised to find that he no longer had...
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    density virtual lab

    Hi, I'm confused about the below form that I'm supposed to fill out. I filled some of it (my answers are blue), but what does it mean "total volume"? Thanks. Observations/Data Record your data & observations in the tables provided. Present data neatly, with clear labels & units...
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    Layer density tower question

    If your doing a density tower, does it really matter the order of density that you pour the liquids in? I mean wouldn't they just automatically rearrange themselves by the order of their densities?
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    Electron Charge density ?

    Do you have any idea, WHat is meant by Electron charge density ?
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    What is the density (g/ml please) of....?

    - CH3(CH2)nCOOH - CH3(CH2)n–CH=CH–(CH2)m–CO2H CH3(CH2)n–CH=CH–(CH2)m–CH=CH–(CH2)p–CO
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    Generating Power given Calorific Values & Densities

    Hi, Q: Sludge gas is 70% methane with a calorific value of 22MJ/m^3. Work out how much oxygen is required as m^3 of air to generate a 100 MWh of power if the density of the sludge gas is 1.03kg/m^3 and the density of air 1.3kg/m^3 which is also 23% by weight oxygen. This is a practice question...
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    Unit cell packing efficiency and density

    Here's the question: You are on the Starship Enterprise and come across a planet that hasn’t been visited before. As the science officer, you go down to the planet surface and you find a very interesting “rock” that actually is a pure element. Determining, from X-ray diffraction studies, that...