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    Walsh Diagrams or general chemistry diagram construction applications

    Hey all: I'm a Master's student working on a computational chemistry thesis. Up to this point, for all of my course work I've gotten away with using simple excell graphs for most of my diagrams or figures but now that I'm assembling my thesis I would like to have some nicer figures that look...
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    Is this MO diagram correct? Copper 2+ (18-crown-6 ether) complex

    Hello all! Ive been a long time lurker of these forums, but finally registered to seek help for a problem im stuck on! Ive constructed the following http://i.imgur.com/v2ldA7u.jpg MO diagram for a complex im trying to synthesize. Am I on the right track? The splitting and degeneracy of d...
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    Who can read the phase diagram for alloy stuff?I miss data?

    Hi guys sadly I noticed too late that I have noted some unknown numbers here regarding to a uni task and I can't figure what's related to what. BUT who is familiar to alloy phase diagrams can possibly read it easily here is the diagram...