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    Help with Dilutions Please!

    Hi can anyone help with a dilution I need to make? 100ul of 10mM Tris CL, 0.05% Tween20. The stock solutions are: Tris CL - 1M, Tween 20 - 1%. Just to be clear I need one solution with both these reagents at the stated concentrations. Cheers :)
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    Serial dilutions help

    Hi there - please help! If I have 10mls of stock solution at 10-3 M (I assume this means 10-3 moles per litre). How do I create 1ml of 10-4M? and then 1ml 3x10-4M solutions? Do I just take 1 ml of stock solution and add this to 9 mls of distilled water for 10-4? And then take 3 mls of this and...
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    Dilutions confusion - please help

    Hi there, I am a biology undergrad with some highschoool chem problems based on dilutions - please help! If I have a solution of 2.5% solution does this mean 2.5g per 100ml? Assuming yes, that gives me 0.025g per 1ml and therefore 25mg per 1ml. The question is what volume do I need to have...
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    Dilutions questions

    I have an issue where I think I'm just confusing myself with a simple question. Here are the directions I'm following : "Apply 200 ul of 1 nM Fluorescein(375g/mol) in 0.01 M NaOH solution to wells." Assuming total volume is 1L - 10mL NaOH with 990mL H20 should give .01M NaOH I can't...
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    Preparing Solutions and Dilutions

    I am trying to figure out how to make the correct solutions for my chemistry experiment. "To prepare your solutions, you will need to weight out quinine sulfate and dilute it in an aqueous solution of .05M H2SO4. Calculate the volume of H2SO4 (12mol/L) that you will need to prepare 250mL of a...