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    MDP2P distillation question

    So I'm reading the following instructions, on how to distill MDP2P in a vacuum, the problem is, the author forget to mention which flask I would need to be replacing the receiving or beginning flask, if you guys could help me out here that would be phenomenal I'm very new to all this and I...
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    Distillation - experiment fail

    Hello people! I tried experimenting distillation with these following tools that I bought on ebay: https://www.ebay.de/itm/250ml-24-40-Laborglas-Set-Laborbedarf-Destillationsapparatur-Rundkolben-Destille/292437853220?hash=item4416a78424:g:MKcAAOSwz7NaeENI I just mixed 100ml water + 100ml...
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    Water distillation question

    Hi chemistry Gurus, I am a farmer based in Australia who is trying to remove the following impurities from a water solution via distillation. Sodium Bisulphate Sodium Bicarbonate Sodium Carbonate Isocyanuric Acid Calcium Chloride Sodium Hypochlorite I know that by distilling the water...
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    Determining volatile acidity in wine via distillation

    Hello, I'm a winemaker, but not an enologist.. so my chemistry skills are a bit limited. I'm trying to assess the amount of volatile acidity (VA) in wine (volatile acids in wine include several but the major acid is acetic acid, therefore we assume volatile acidity ~= acetic acid concentration...
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    building fractional distillation tower

    hi everybody :-) Im planning to build a crude oil distillation tower for commercial purpose, where I can find the designs and plans for such a project? Im looking for someone to help me plan and deploy this project :-) Thanks
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    vacuum distillation advice for a non-chemist?

    I'm a home-scale experimenter/dabbler in the arts of distilling liqueurs/spirits and essential oils, and right now I'm trying to see what vaccuum distillation(at very low temperatures) can add to the finished product as far as taste, aroma, and color go. For my initial experiments, I've been...
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    The difference between distillation vs refining?

    I promise one day, when I actually make money, I will donate to this forum! It's got a lot of helpful people and is turning out to be an incredible resource for teaching myself chemistry. Now, to the question.. . .What is the difference between distillation and refining? They both seem to do...