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    HL12 Diabetes Supplement just has one dynamic fixing

    Biotin – the proofs demonstrate that the insufficiency f biotin happens as a consequence of diabetes. Henceforth to get together the prerequisite of this compound, it has been incorporated into HL12 supplement. Zinc – it is the most thought segment inside the islet cells of your pancreas. It...
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    Adding liquid on dynamic equilibrium

    Hi chemists! Just a small question... If I have established a closed system equilibrium between a vapor and liquid... then add some more liquid, what would happen? I thought there be more gas because the equilibrium shifts in a way such that: Liquid <---> Gas Producing more gas according to...
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    Dynamic Periodic Table

    This is most certainly the best reference to use. Bookmark it! http://www.ptable.com/ PNG VERSION: http://ptable.com/Images/periodic%20table.png PDF VERSION: http://ptable.com/Other/Periodic%20Table.pdf