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    I cannot solve these pretty easy excersises on molarity...

    I have been trying for more than an hour on these 2 problems... Could someone please help me? The first one: Calculate the new concentration when 25 ml of 1.2 mole/Litre C2H4O2 is thinned with 30 ml of water. the second: In a supply closet stands a bottle with 0.5 litre of NaCl. The...
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    Chemistry homework help (easy)

    Problem: Five students in turn used the same balance to measure the mass of a small dish: none knew what results the other obtained. The masses they found were: Students 1 3.752 2 3.755 3 3.752 4 3.756 5 3.760 a.) what do you think would be the best way to report the mass of the dish? I HAVE...
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    I need help with dimensional analysis!

    How do I convert 856 mg to kilograms using dimensional analysis? i'm so confused and I really need help!:(