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    Which reference electrode to select for electrochemical measurements? The one with Vy

    Hi. Is there any significant difference in quality and accuracy between reference electrode with Vycor frit (porous glass attached with heat-shrink tube) and the one equipped with ceramic frit (molten in the glass tube) like in this example...
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    Please Help With An Electrochemical Calculation.

    Hi, Please help me with this, I greatly appreciate any assitance; An electrochemical cell is given, one containing an 0.1M CuSO4 solution and the other one containing an 0.1M ZnSO4 solution. Then, the Cu ion concentration is decreased by adding an Ammonia solution NH4OH into the CuSO4...
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    Electrochemical potential

    I took some phosphate buffer saline(7.4) into a beaker, included a Au electrode and reference electrode (Ag/AgCl) and tried to measure the potential using multimeter. The temperature and pressure is assumable same. The multimeter shows the potential some milivolts but the potential is...
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    Matrial to insulation Electrochemical Aluminum

    Hi, I have trouble and need your help because i'm not familiar with chemistry, I working on project to use RF wave to read label sticker on boxes like perfum box from long range up to 3 meter, got on problem in apply, the perfum box surface made from "Electrochemical Aluminum" this material...
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    Determining identity of acid in an electrochemical cell

    Hi, so I'm having some trouble with this question: Based on the following electrochemical cell configuration, a measured cell potential of +0.149 V, and the use of the following list of acids and their respective dissociation constants; determine the identity of the unknown acid (HA). Ionic...
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    Titration and electrochemical cell questions

    The next to pages are the same question with different parts, I would be happy if someone gave the question a go and see if I made a mistake early that could of lead me to getting all the other questions wrong. This question I know I got wrong because I had no idea what I was doing, well...
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    Electrochemical Cell Potentials.

    If you are setting up two of the same half cells (for example, Zn^2+(aq) / Zn(s)), how would you determine the cell potential of this? I know that Ecell = Ecathode - Eanode, but if the cell is the composed of the exact same half cells, does that make the cell potential 0? Thanks for any input.