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    How to cause a potential difference between two steel electrodes

    Hi, I am a civil engineering student currently starting a project on electro-kinetic remediation with no external power supply. I have two connected steel electrodes, one placed in copper sulphate solution and one placed in just water. They are placed either side of a clay sample spiked with...
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    Electrochemistry. Electrolysis CuSO4 copper electrodes

    Hi everyone, I'm doing an experiment on electrolysis of CuSO4 using copper electrodes and there is something that confuses me a lot The thing is that the concentration of the electrolyte should remain the same and so does the copper ions. However, when measuring the current, it increases...
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    Redox processes (HCl electrolysis using Cu electrodes)

    Hei! I will try to explain the task: I've have to write, what kind of redox processes takes place at the inert electrode (it needs to write anode and cathode reactions), where happens the electrolysis of hydrochloric acid using copper electrodes. Also needs to solve breakdown voltage U, but...