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    Why is the current draw dropping in water electrolysis

    We've done an experiment regarding water electrolysis. Basically, we just separated the oxygen and hydrogen gas in a beaker that contains a magnesium sulfate solution. We set the power supply voltage to 12.46V with an initial .09A and final .01A over 45 mins. I was wondering as to what causes...
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    New here, need some help

    Hello there! I'm in need of some help with a reaction that I'm fairly certain I messed up big time. I was attempting to make copper (II) sulphate through electrolysis of dilute sulphuric acid solution w/ copper electrodes. That part went well. I did not use exact amounts, just eyeballed it. At...
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    For the complete electrolysis of 1 mole of water using a voltage of 100V across two electrodes, the minimum amount of electrical energy (in Joule) to be spent is (F is the Faraday constant)
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    Electrolysis Of Saline Solution Yielded Unexpected Percipitate

    I have recently conducted an experiment aimed at producing sodium hydroxide (NaOH) from a saline solution using an electrolysis method. I did this outside so as to disperse the various gases of H2 gas and Cl2 gas but I also made sure no outside contaminants, such as dirt, were introduced into...
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    Volume of gasses produced in electrolysis

    After electrolysis of sodium nitrate aqueous solution the mass fraction of sodium nitrate was 60%. The mass fraction of sodium nitrate before electrolysis was 40%. What is the overall volume of gasses produced during the electrolysis at temperature of 20°C and pressure of 99.8 kPa? I don't know...
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    Copper electrolysis experiment

    I have a 1part sulphuric acid 4parts tap water pregnant leach solution (from old copper mine tailings). If I were to set up an electrolysis type experiment with a lead anode and a copper cathode should I expect all the metals (i.e. copper, iron, cobalt) in the solution to be deposited onto the...
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    Hexavalent Chromium, 316L stainless steel and electrolysis

    Hello I am working with electrolysis to make a Oxyhydrogen cutting torch, also refereed to as a HHO torch. Recently I was told about Hexavalent Chromium "Cr(VI)" on a forum, a bit of research later I was quite concerned that I might be putting my self at risk when using my torch. My...
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    Electrochemistry. Electrolysis CuSO4 copper electrodes

    Hi everyone, I'm doing an experiment on electrolysis of CuSO4 using copper electrodes and there is something that confuses me a lot The thing is that the concentration of the electrolyte should remain the same and so does the copper ions. However, when measuring the current, it increases...
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    Water electrolysis

    Hi I am very bad at electrochemistry please help me with this one: What are the electrode reactions for water electrolysis in 5M KOH? How can I determine the cell potential and the energy required to produce 1 kg hydrogen? This is what i think but I don't understand what to do with KOH...
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    Water Electrolysis, instead of propane

    Hi, The other day I was wondering if there would be savings for obtaining hydrogen from water electrolysis instead of using common gas in the kitchen. So I wanted to calculate it, but I'm not sure if my calculations are correct, I'm studying engineering in mechatronics and I don't have much...
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    Electrolysis Help

    Could you please help me with this: I'm doing an electrolysis lab in which I am plating copper. Here is the setup: The output of a DC power supply is hooked up to an ammeter (to measure the amperage) which is then connected to an Fe cathode. The Fe cathode is in a beaker containing a Cu...
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    Need help predicting the overall reaction expected when this solution is electrolyzed

    hello, got a test coming up in a couple days so I've been prwcticing questions but I can't get this one right because I don't really understand it, can anyone please help? Here it is: Predict the overall reaction expected when the following solution is electrolyzed: SnCl2 (aq) Thanks
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    Cell/ Electrolysis

    Hei! I have a problem with two tasks. 1. We made an experiment with cell/main element (I don't know, how exactly translate it, but I guess you will understand.). We used Zn | ZnSO4 (0.01 mol/l) ||Cu SO4 (1 mol/l) | Cu Praktical EDS was 1.06 V. I have to calculate theorical EDS and write anode...
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    Redox processes (HCl electrolysis using Cu electrodes)

    Hei! I will try to explain the task: I've have to write, what kind of redox processes takes place at the inert electrode (it needs to write anode and cathode reactions), where happens the electrolysis of hydrochloric acid using copper electrodes. Also needs to solve breakdown voltage U, but...
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    water electrolysis

    I would like to know how to do water electrolysis in the most efficient way. I don't study chemistry, I just have a little project. which salt do I need to use to pass the current with minimum loss of energy? which electrodes would last the longest? how many volts and amps do I need for the...