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    how to study

    whenever we study physics numericals,units,definition of quantities in chemistry and formulas,reactions practice should be done to it strong. but my problem is when we study physics i encounter examples in middle of chapter like numericals can i solve numericals when i finish reading chapter.
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    Empirical formula

    I am really struggling with this very simple concept: Please help! 100g of ascorbic acid contains 3407 moles of C; 4540 moles of H and 3406 moles of O. What is the empirical formula. So I started by assuming that 1g would be 34.07 mol C; 45.4 mol H and 34.06 mol O. If you divide the 34.07 mol...
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    find the empirical formula help.

    Hi, First post here. I have a substance with Fe 3.524 grams, S 3.034 grams, and O 4.542 grams. It is telling me to find the empirical formula. First I change the grams into mols by dividing the grams by the atomic mass: Fe 56, S 32, O 16 Result: Fe 0.06310 mol, S 0.09464 mol, O 0.2839 mol...
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    Empirical & Molecular Forumlae Determination Woes

    The aim of the practical experiment we are undertaking is to determine which copper oxide (I or II) our sample is by measuring 'stuff' and thereby calculating its empirical formula. A specific question asks: "Why can't the molecular formula of your oxide be calculated from the information you...
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    empirical formula

    I have done and completed this question but I want to make sure my answers are correct in-case I have been doing something wrong, it is a practice exam. Also there is this limiting reagents question which I have also done.