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    Energy Levels and Ionisation Energies

    HI guys, just spent 1/2 an hour writing a post only for it to tell me Im not logged in. Hit back button and surprise surprise, most post it gone. Im so desperate though Im gonna try again. Ok my question is to do with electron shells and ionisation energies. Ive tried to get an understanding...
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    Lattice energies :(

    I just can't grasp them! What even causes the differences between them? Why? I have this really hard set of questions. I wonder if one one can help? And explain why? 1.) put in order of lattice energy - high to low - Al2O3, In2O3, Ti2O3 and Ga2O3 Why :/ 2.) same, but with strontium chloride...
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    Using Bond Dissociation Energies to Approximate Heat of Combustion for Pentane

    First. I am meant to have a table of bond dissociation values in my book, but we use a different edition so these are not available to me. Second. How do I know how to set up the formula once I have the values? Do I draw a structural diagram to show the bonds? Thank you. Once I know how to...
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    How to determine Approx. Delta H using bond dissociation energies?

    Please explain the formula and values for the following reactions, as my book does not have a table to search for the bond dissociation values. Ethanol and Acetic Acid to form Ethyl Acetate Water and Propene to form Isopropyl Alcohol Thank you
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    Predicting lattice energies of ionic compounds with oxyanions...?

    So I know that lattice energy is closely related to electric potential... the lattice energy of an ionic compound is proportional to the product of the charges on its irons and inversely proportional to the bond length. Now what if the anion from the ionic compound is a polyatomic oxyanion...