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    Electron configuration questions

    Hello, What is the meaning of highlighted statements in the attached file? I know the principal quantum number, azimuthal quantum number, magnetic quantum number, used to describe the location of electrons in an atom of any substance. I know the formula for computing amount of energy in an atom...
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    What energy is there in water

    Hello What energy is there in 1 meter 3/seconds water if it flow
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    Advanced chemistry, energy of bonds, need help

    In Plasmid (of 2686 base pairs) in 37 C degrees were found that average of 54.3 base pairs were disengaged/disconnected. Find average energy of one hydrogen bond between base pairs. Do not pay attention to π - π interaction. The formula I have to use is -kT ln (Q^N) Q means ratio/proportion of...
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    Partial pressure and Gibbs free energy

    Hi everyone, i'm given the equation in the red zone in my attempt: NH4Cl<=>NH3+HCl at a temperature of 298K. I have to calculate what the partial pressure of HCl will be at the equilibrium of this reaction, starting only with NH4Cl in an closed room. In order to do this, I have to first...
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    Energy problem

    Hi, I am not able to solve this problem. Any help? Avogadro constant: N=6.022*10^23(Number of atoms in 12 grams of atom) Calculate the energy in joules and power in watts when 2 kg of coal(Consisting only of carbon) is burnt for 1.5 hour. Assuming the equation:C+O2->CO2+4eV. And anyone please...
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    Cellulose and biofuel

    With the world burgeoning demand for energy. Is ethanol the only biofuel that we can make from cellulose,lignin and hemicellulose? Can`t we synthesize something different entirely that will make an excellent biofuel
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    Molecule Orbital of Cobalt(III)-complex

    Hello I've been trying to create the MO of the Trans- Dichlorobis(ethylenediamine)-cobalt(III) Chloride complex. (trans-dichlorobis(en)-cobalt(III) chlroide / CoCl2(en)2 Cl ) As this is not my speciality I failed to accomplish. Is anyone of you able to draw it and upload it here? Would be very...
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    calculating energy with kilojoules? finals in two hours!

    I am not sure what this is formally called so i just called it calculating energy with kilojoules? anyways, i have finals in like two hours and this problem is guaranteed to be on there but i have no idea how to do it! i tried but i am not sure please help thank you.
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    Calculating PV work done at atmospheric pressure?

    I need some help figuring out this problem. This is the original problem: How much PV work is done in kilojoules for the reaction of 3.74 mol of H2 with 1.87 mol of O2 at atmospheric pressure if the volume change is −23.9L? And we are given this reaction: The reaction between hydrogen and...
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    Is there any change in mass as the electron changes energy levels.

    Does anything happen to the electron, as it changes energy levels, does its mass increase, or decrease, or velocity speed up, or slow down.? The electron will speed up when its away from the nucleus, when its in a higher shell like shell level 3. But is there anything like a visible sign that...
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    Is it known to science why electron energy levels change, as atoms become molecules,

    Is it known to science why electron energy levels change, as atoms become molecules, or why electron voltage requirement changes when the electron is from the nucleus in higher shell levels. So can it just he observed that electrons need a certain electron voltage to move to higher shell...
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    how to create a small static energy at home

    hi Forumers, i have a small doubt on static energy.can we create a static energy with any chemicals.if anyone knows please tell me
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    Ionization energy

    Hello, I was wondering how would you this question without a data booklet? 15. Values for the successive ionization energies for an unknown element are given in the table below. In which group of the periodic table would the unknown element be found? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 Thanks!
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    Energy of reaction: per moles of what?!

    Disclaimer: I've never had a chemistry class in my life. I'm reading a journal article that states the following: Thiosulfate + 2 Oxygen + Water → 2 Sulphate + 2 H+ has the standard Gibbs energy of −766 kJ/mol at 25ºC. So, this is energy produced per mole of what?! Reactant? Product? If so...
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    Hydrogen Atom : Change in Energy & Wave Function

    If the proton in hydrogen is replaced by a positron-how does it effect Energy and Wave Function ? Help please !
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    Heat energy production by quicklime and water

    Dears, All of us know that chemical reaction between calcium oxide (quicklime) with water will produce heat energy strongly by the following equation: Cao + H2O = Ca(OH)2 -> releases heat energy I have improved the reaction above to maximize the heat energy production with the...
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    Lattice Energy of Sodium Oxide

    Hi. I'm in desperate need of some chemistry help. The problem is as follows Determine the lattice energy of NA2O 1. Vaporization of Sodium = 109 Kj 2. Electron Affinity of O (2-) = 603 Kj 3. Ionization Energy of Na= 495 4. O2 bond energy = 499 5. Energy Change For the Reaction = -416 kJ/mol...
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    Gibbs Free Energy

    Please any tell me about the Gibbs free energy and also their equation with chronological step?
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    Energy Levels and Ionisation Energies

    HI guys, just spent 1/2 an hour writing a post only for it to tell me Im not logged in. Hit back button and surprise surprise, most post it gone. Im so desperate though Im gonna try again. Ok my question is to do with electron shells and ionisation energies. Ive tried to get an understanding...
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    Energy from oxides, need help.

    Here is the question: In a heat releasing process with 0,5 grams of 1 nm nickel oxide powder in 10 bar of hydrogen atmosphere what temperature can you reach when oxide reacts with hydrogen when you are at: a) 373 K b) 473 K c) 573 K d) 673 K