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    Equivalent Weight of a Base...need help please..

    What is the equivalent weight of a base if 0.2131 g required 43.71 mL of 0.0132 N acid? Sorry I have no idea on how to answer this one. Please include step-by-step solution.Thank you so much.
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    Preparing a Methylene Blue solution. Need MB Equivalent Weight.

    Hello, I need to prepare a Methylene Blue solution (1ml = 0.01 meq), or 0.01N, from powder. To calculate the amount of powder required I need the Methylene Blue's equivalent weight or equivalent numbers, but haven't been able to find it so far. Does anyone know? Help appreciated.
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    Latex or an equivalent?

    Is it possible to have a mod installed to make it easier / possible to write chemical equations? EG: 2CH3CH3 + 7O2 -> 6H2O + 4CO2 That's fairly confusing :(