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    What does it mean if it says excess.....

    What is 'excess' such as in excess hydrogen gas at room temperature and pressure ~or~ excess hydrochloric acid. The word 'excess'. idk :/ Thanks peeps!
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    Percent yield, and mass of excess reactant. Help.

    Ok so the question goes: 15.825 g of nickel (iii) oxide and 4.734 g aluminum metal are heated to produce nickel metal and 2.85 g aluminum oxide. What percent yield of aluminum oxide? What is the mass of the excess reactant that remains unreacted so far i got the chemical formula which i...
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    Precipitates and Excess Reagents

    Given a solution 5.16g of aluminum nitrate is dissolved into 77.0mL of water and then is added to 113mL of a 0.234M solution of potassium carbonate, answer the following questions: A) Write out a complete balanced molecular equation including states of matter. B) Write out the net ionic...