1. D

    give the expected products of each of the following reactions

    "ch2ch2c=cch3 +o2 heat"
  2. R

    Need help predicting the overall reaction expected when this solution is electrolyzed

    hello, got a test coming up in a couple days so I've been prwcticing questions but I can't get this one right because I don't really understand it, can anyone please help? Here it is: Predict the overall reaction expected when the following solution is electrolyzed: SnCl2 (aq) Thanks
  3. K

    Moles expected from two reactants?

    I've been given a homework question as part of the end of organic chem term one, iv'e answered all the questions without problem but one part has my head twisted. The question is working out theoretical yield, which i understand, however i can't work out the theoretical mass of my product...