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    AMS help! Please explain in detail.

    When microwave radiation is passed through phosphorus(III) chloride, PCl3 at low pressure, a new chloride phosphorus, 'A', is formed. 'A' contains 69.6% by mass of chlorine and 30.4% by mass of phosphorus, and it's Mr is 200. Calculate the empirical and molecular formula of 'A'. Please help...
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    Back titrations. Explain like I am five.

    1. 2. Can you help me with these? I am so lost. ;_; Thanks.
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    Explain the language

    3. For the reaction consider two possibilities: H2 + I2 --> 2HI (a) you mix 0.5 mol of each reactant, allow the system to come to equilibrium, and then add another mole of H2 and allow the system to reach equilibrium again, or (b) you mix 1.5 mol H2 and 0.5 mol I2 and allow the system to reach...