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    Cubic perovskite bond distances and tolerance factor

    If an ideal cubic perovskite ABO3 has cell parameter 3.905 angstroms, how would I work out the A-O and B-O bond distances for this compound? I thought maybe halving the cell parameter would give the B-O distance, and finding out the diagonal of the cube and halving it would give the A-O bond...
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    Please help - How to calculate the dilution factor for the standard and sample prepar

    Standard : 10 mg of std. sample dissolved in 100 ml MeOH, 2 ml from this 100 ml is diluted to 50 ml MeOH. Sample : To 100 gm of the sample add 50 ml dimethyl sulphoxide, shake & keep at 40'C for 20 mins. Cool & add 50 ml of 50% MeOH. Add 100 ml n-hexane and pass through anhydrous sodium...
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    Solute Particle and Van't Hoff factor

    Im having trouble understanding this question. Is solute particle the same as the Van't Hoff Factor? How many moles of solute particles are produced when one mole of the following substance (n=?) is dissolved in dilute aqueous solution? a) Na2SO4 is it 7 or is it 2+2=4? b)C10H8 is it...