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    The parameters of the nonlinear kinetics of the chemical reaction of the form

    Hello, I am engaged in scientific activity in the synthesis of optimal control systems chemical reactors. It was proposed to investigate the management system with nonlinear liquid-phase reaction kinetics of this type. Need to find the kinetics parameters (rate constants, activation energy)...
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    Will a precipitate form?

    If 75.0mL of a 0.0010M aqueous solution of Fe(NO3)2 was added to 100.0mL of a 0.00050M aqueous solution of NaOH would a precipitate form? How would I do this? I thought I would first draw out the molecular and net ionic equations: Fe(NO3)2 + 2NaOH --> Fe(OH)2 + 2NaNO3 Fe2+ (aq) + 2OH- (aq)...
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    Condensed form for Cl-

    Im really struggling with this problem This is what i got but I know its wrong. 1S2 2S2 2P6 3S2 3P6 = Ar