1. F

    What is Red chilli formula

    Hello What is red chilli formula how it is made C18H27NO3 i found this how this formula was made
  2. F

    Is this sugar formula

    Hello What is this sugar formula is this correct
  3. S

    Need help with formula please

    Can someone give me the formula of the following compounds, are they glycoside, and what's the systematic name Compound 1: (2'R,3S)-2',5,7-trihydroxy-4'-méthoxy-3'-(3''-méthylbut-2''-ènyl)-isoflavanone Compound 2: (3S)-5,7-dihydroxy-2',4'-dimethoxy-3'-(3''-méthylbut-2''-ènyl)-isoflavanone...
  4. F

    Formula for pH adjustment

    I have come up with the following formula but the results do not seem right. Can someone confirm this is right or wrong. If wrong suggestions would be appreciated. Problem: I need to adjust the pH of large quantities of waste water pH as high as 12 with a 35% Sulfuric Acid solution (...
  5. B

    DNA sequencing

    DNA sequence of normal hemoglobin and sickle cell hemoglobin are shown below. Using your knowledge of transcription and translation, determine the mRNA and amino acid sequence for both normal and sickle cell haemoglobin DNA...
  6. T

    Formula for correcting ABV (Alcohol by volume)

    Hi, can anyone help me find formula, which would correct ABV, that is measured by alcoholmeter, which is calibrated for 20°C, but the mixture has different temperature? I want to implement this calculation into program so I can not use alcoholometric tables. I know this formula for density of...
  7. I

    Can you help me with these problems?

    Hi everyone,I just wanted to ask if you can help me with some of the problems that I have for homework.Although they are simple to most people, to me and some of my classmates , they are not, primarily because of our teacher.Thank you in advance. 1.How many moles of Calcium chloride hexahydrate...
  8. S

    Different compound name with same molecular weight and molecular formula

    Hello all This is Shefin. I do research in Biotechnology. I presently focussed on the phytochemical details from plants. Here I came across the fact that most plants contains different compounds having the same molecular formula and molecular weight. Why is it so? and What is it called? what...
  9. A

    converting chemical structure to molecular formula

    Hi there, I don't have a chemistry background, so am struggling a bit with this one. I am required to convert the (shown) molecule to a molecular formula, but i'm not understanding how to do this. I thought maybe it was as simple as just adding everything up, i.e answer C3H9, but realise...
  10. C

    Empirical formula

    I am really struggling with this very simple concept: Please help! 100g of ascorbic acid contains 3407 moles of C; 4540 moles of H and 3406 moles of O. What is the empirical formula. So I started by assuming that 1g would be 34.07 mol C; 45.4 mol H and 34.06 mol O. If you divide the 34.07 mol...
  11. S

    Which structural formula is correct?

    Here is my attempt to solve the question. Which drawing is correct, 1,2 or neither? Thank you in advance for your help.
  12. K

    Molecular formula of compound

    Combustion of hydrocarbon X in excess oxygen produces 0.66g of carbon dioxide, and 0.27 g of water. At room tempertaure and pressure , X is a gas with density 1.75gdm^-3 . What could the molecular of X be? What is the ans ? i only managed to get the empirical formula is CH2 ...
  13. L

    I'm not sure which formula to use here and what is the right answer.

    The problem states, "How many milliliters of 0.750 M H3PO4 are required to react with 250. mL of 0.150 M Ba(OH)2 if the products are barium phosphate and water?" I saw two different ways to do this: with (M)(V)=(M)(V) or with M= moles of soulute/L solution. I worked it both ways and got 50.0mL...
  14. brandonz

    Molecular formula molarity problem?

    So I know we have to show some work of our own, but I honestly have no idea where to start or even how to start. I have found the answer posted on Yahoo answers but I want to know why I'm supposed to do certain things.. So here is the question "Carminic acid, a naturally occurring red pigment...
  15. P

    find the empirical formula help.

    Hi, First post here. I have a substance with Fe 3.524 grams, S 3.034 grams, and O 4.542 grams. It is telling me to find the empirical formula. First I change the grams into mols by dividing the grams by the atomic mass: Fe 56, S 32, O 16 Result: Fe 0.06310 mol, S 0.09464 mol, O 0.2839 mol...
  16. S

    What formula for this Vapor Pressure problem?

    This question is giving me a headache. I am thinking that I have to begin by converting grams to mL but not really sure. Any insight appreciated!
  17. S

    correct structural formula for glycerol?

    Which one is correct? or
  18. M

    Determining a Chemical Formula for BaCL2

    A student performing an experiement finds that her crucible and cover weigh, 21.234 g. After she adds the unknown, the mass goes up 21.520g. When the sample is converted to a chloride and is dried, she finds that the mass of the crucible, cover, and chloride is 21.533g. She was told that her...
  19. C

    Determining Molecular Formula

    What is the molecular formula of the compound: 2,3-dimethyl-4-cyclopentyl-5-ethyldecane Can someone explain the process on how to get started?
  20. C

    Determining molecular formula of a hydrate?

    MgSO4*xH20 mass of hydrated comlex (g) - 6.32 mass of anhydrous complex (g) - 3.54 mass of water (g) - 2.78 Based on those results, determine the molecular formula of the hydrate. My peers and I have gotten different answers, and my teacher can't quite teach properly so I resort to teaching...