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    Partial pressure and Gibbs free energy

    Hi everyone, i'm given the equation in the red zone in my attempt: NH4Cl<=>NH3+HCl at a temperature of 298K. I have to calculate what the partial pressure of HCl will be at the equilibrium of this reaction, starting only with NH4Cl in an closed room. In order to do this, I have to first...
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    Free Radical reaction Problem

    Lets say you have 1 liter of 2 mol/L methane and the same amount of chlorine. Lets also say that both are liquids since those are most likely to react. Gases more often bump the wrong way and solids don't react at all. Now the initiation step is forming the first molecule of HCl and Methyl...
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    Gibbs Free Energy

    Please any tell me about the Gibbs free energy and also their equation with chronological step?
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    Gibbs Free energy problem.

    Under what conditions does an increase in temperature turn a nonspontaneous process into a spontaneous process? (Each H and S value are Delta values) a) H<0, S>0 b) H>0, S<0 c) H>0, S>0 d) H<0, S<0 -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is my work (I...
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    Thermochemistry:Gibbs' Free Energy and Entropy

    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data a) 3 moles of carbon dioxide gas expands reversibly in a piston-container from 20 L to 40 L in an isothermal process at 400 K. Calculate work, heat, change in internal energy and change in enthalpy, considering van der Waals...