1. P

    Walsh Diagrams or general chemistry diagram construction applications

    Hey all: I'm a Master's student working on a computational chemistry thesis. Up to this point, for all of my course work I've gotten away with using simple excell graphs for most of my diagrams or figures but now that I'm assembling my thesis I would like to have some nicer figures that look...
  2. N

    general organic chemistry

  3. F

    General Chemistry: Complex Ion Formation Question?

    So the problem states: Treating one mole of Ag2O(s) with 1M (NH4)2SO4 gives as main Ag-containing products: Answer: 1 mole [Ag(NH3)2]+(aq) and 0.5 moles Ag2(SO4)(s) My question is: how do I get to this conclusion? How can a solid precipitate form from sulfate and silver ion in water...
  4. jenniamigo

    Studying for an Exam.....

    So I am attempting the problems on my study guide for the test on tuesday. I understand how to recognize the precipitation, redox, and acid reactions; I did pretty well on balancing equations, and even calculating ionic equations. But then I got to the long problems and I am at a loss here. I...
  5. scottaleger

    New with General Chemistry Experiments

    I am Scott Leger. I am new at this forum I will discuss about Chemistry Experiments.
  6. F

    Vibrational spec. General Q.

    Chemistry: In vibrational spectroscopy, to find the Vmax you use the equation Vmax= 1/2(Xe-1) I have an example of this done out from lectures where i get. Vmax = 1/2(0.0179-1) = 26 On looking over this and putting it into my calculator the answer the calculator gives is not 26, is there...