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    Calcium ammonium nitrate -> ammonium nitrate

    So a little back info first so you don't think I'm the next OKC bomber- if you love guns and target shooting as much as I do then you know what Tannerite is. For those that don't, it's a binary explosive that explodes when shot. You can buy the name brand tannerite at Cabelas but it costs a ton...
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    Very dilute concentration HCl -> calculate pH

    HCl + H2O -> H3O+ + Cl- [HCl] initial = 7.4x10^-8 I thought H3O+ would be 1x10^-7 because [OH-] and [H+] should be in equilibrium / equal so Kw = 1 x 10^-14 = [H+]^2 => [H+] = 1x10^-7 I did the ICE box, solved for x, took -log of it, and ended up with a pH of 7.13 it doesn't make sense...