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    Reduction potential of H2O2 = nonsense

    Hello, I've always been puzzled by H2O2 nominal reduction potential because it is not compatible with many reactions where H2O2 actually behaves as a reductant. Taking this as reference (there are more precise ones, but H2O2 is ranked as one of the highest in all tables anyways), the reduction...
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    H2O2 from H2O & O3?

    ok, I read this is possible via a random comment somewhere on the internet, so I'm trying to do some research to see if it's true, but most of the sites I come across are these 'alternative health' sites that I don't really trust.. anyways, on with the question. I'm trying to: 6,H2O + 2,O3 ->...
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    Calculate volume of H2O2

    A student needs to prepare 50.0 mL of 1.00 M aqueous H2O2 solution. Calculate the volume of 5.1 M H2O2 stock solution that should be used.
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    Interesting Exothermic Reaction

    I have a question about the reaction that occurs when roughly equal amounts of DMSO + HCl + H2O2 (~15%) are combined in a small tube. I did this, and the tube instantly became warm. I set it aside, then about 3 minutes later I heard a hissing sound. The liquid was boiling violently. It did this...