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    H2SO4 in sythesis reactions

    Just trying to write down the general synthesis reactions but what does sulfuric acid specifically do in a reaction? ie. deprotonation or removing an alcohol etc? I can't seem to find any examples online
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    Electrolytic cell 1.0M H2SO4, reaction at cathode?

    Hi, I'm stuck on this question from electrochemistry in Hebden, grade 12. 1.0M H2SO4 electrolyzed, what is the reaction at the cathode? Since cathode is negative, positive ions would be attracted to it. But the answer has the half equation of SO4 2- as the answer. Since SO4 2- is negatively...
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    H2SO4 show basicity in HF Solution

    please tell me the reason. H2SO4 is a strong base in aqueous solution. but act as a base in HF Solution. H2SO4 + HF H3SO4+ + F-