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    High spin vs low spin assignment for Vanadyl (acac)2 complex

    I have a question on VO2+ complex. I know that vanadium in VO2+ has +4 oxidation state and it has an unpaired electron in the d-orbital. Based on the notes, they have mentioned that for d4 onwards to d7 has 2 possibilities of arrangement of electrons i.e. high spin and low spin. However, for...
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    Where to use High Carbon Ferro Chrome Powder?

    High Carbon Ferro Chrome Powder is used in the manufacturing of ball-bearing steels, tool steels as well ... High Carbon Ferro Chrome Powder is used in the field of powder metallurgy. Any other suggestions anybody?
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    How high will a balloon rise?

    How high will a hot air balloon rise if the temperature inside is maintained at 345 K? Assume that the ambient temperature is 300 K. Assume that the pressure inside and outside are the same, but the density inside is reduced by heating. It is convenient to reference the calculation to the...