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    how to create a small static energy at home

    hi Forumers, i have a small doubt on static energy.can we create a static energy with any chemicals.if anyone knows please tell me
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    Can you help with home brew ?

    I use a salt dissolving additive to run through my boat engine after salt-water use. The company that made the product is no more, and I'm coming to the end of my supply (alternative is very expensive) The basic I suppose is that salt being NaCl should be easy enough to dissolve in water ...
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    Home Chemistry Project

    Hello fellow chemists! I greet you whether you be legitimate scientists or backyard toyers, whether you be educated and scholarly or simply a master of the forums! I am afraid to inform all of you that this does not involve nearly as much reaction as it does extraction. In addition, it is...
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    Carbonation of home made rootbeer

    I bought a rootbeer brewing kit, and one part of the brewing intructions was to add yeast and then put the bottles of root beer in a dark place for 2-3 days to allow carbonation. idk if its possible from the little information im able to give to you, but can you explain to me what the yeast...