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    Homework help.

    I've really been struggling with this question on a page from my chemistry book, I was wondering if anyone could help me out? Thanks! A reaction between sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) and Hydrochloric Acid (HCI) gas produces sodium Chloride (NaCI) and water (H20). A reaction of 22.8g of NaOH with...
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    Chemistry Homework Answer

    Hi, help me please to solve this. If 200.0 g of copper(ll) sulfate react with an excess of zinc metal, what is the theoretical yield of copper? I am desperate, I am looking for help here and at https://studydaddy.com/chemistry-homework-help but I still need an answer.
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    Homework help - gas laws and stoichiometry!

    A candle is burnt inside a sealed container of oxygen gas with a volume of 1500 cm3 at 25oC. Once the reaction is complete and the container has cooled to 25.0oC, what will the pressure be inside the container? Assume the candle has no volume, that all the oxygen is consumed, that candle wax has...
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    Help on homework

    (8) An artificial myoglobin our lab recently designed has two independent O2 binding sites. The experimentally observed Kd for the first site was 600 nM. (a) Estimate the observed Kd for the second. (b) The ΔGfolding for the protein in the absence of O2 is -5.5 kcal/mol. Assuming the unfolded...
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    Need help with a homework question!!!

    A gas volume has a volume of 3.0 L at 293.15 K and1.5 atm. what would the volume of the gas be at 2.5 atm and 30 degrees celcius
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    Year 11 acids and bases help!

    This is not a homework question but I was just wondering if the way I answer questions to do with the neutralisation of acids and bases was right (specifically terminology) : Acids have H+ ions while bases have OH- ions. A neutralisation reaction occurs when the H+ ion and OH- ions cancel each...
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    Help with ASSIGNMENT!!!

    The periodic table of the elements contains many trends. During this lab, you will locate data on the Internet and prepare a data table and graph in order to explain some of these trends. PROCEDURE: Use the Internet to locate data for the atomic radius for elements 1-56. Using graphing...
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    Percent Present Homework Questtion

    I've been stuck on this question and can't seem to figure out the right answer. Question: Heavy water has the formula D2O, and semi-deuterated water has the formula DHO, where D stands for deuterium. Using the data from the table, estimate the percentages of D2O and DHO present in natural...
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    Chemistry homework help (easy)

    Problem: Five students in turn used the same balance to measure the mass of a small dish: none knew what results the other obtained. The masses they found were: Students 1 3.752 2 3.755 3 3.752 4 3.756 5 3.760 a.) what do you think would be the best way to report the mass of the dish? I HAVE...
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    Chemistry homework help

    Please check my answer if they're correct If a volume of 50cm3 of dry sand is added to 30cm3 of water for a total volume of 60cm3, then...? 1) What is the total volume of water that does not go into the air spaces between the sand particles? 2.) What is the volume of water that fills the air...
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    Homework Help please just say how to do it

    I don't want the answers to the questions, I just want to know how to do it on my own. If you can give an example from a problem with different numeric quantities (but the same problem, just different numbers) that'd help a lot! Thanks to everyone who helps...
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    homework question I need help with!!!

    An ice cube tray holds 925 water.If the water initially has a temperature of 20, how many kilojoules of heat must be removed to cool and freeze the water at 0?
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    Homework help please (Boyles' Law)

    (Use Boyles' Law to answer the following questions): 1. Synthetic diamonds can be manufactured at pressures of 6.00 x 10^4 atm. If we took 2.00 liters of gas at 1.00 atm and compressed it to a pressure of 6.00 x 10^4 atm, what would the volume of that gas be? My Attempt: Given Info: V1 = 2.00...
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    Help with chemistry homework

    In addition to carbon monoxide (CO) and carbon dioxide (CO2), there is a third compound of carbon and oxygen called carbon suboxide. If a 2.500g sample of carbon suboxide contains 1.32g of C and 1.18g of O, show that the law of multiple proportions is followed.
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    Chemistry homework

    A sample of CaO3 was heated, causing it to form CaO and CO2 gas. solid CaO remained behind, while the CO2 escaped to the atmosphere. If the CaCO3 weighed 612g and the CaO weighed 343g, how many grams of CO2 were formed in the reaction?
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    A homework :D HELP

    In most of its ionic compounds, cobalt is either Co(II) or Co(III). One such compound, containing chloride ion and waters of hydration, was analyzed, and the following results were obtained. A 0.256-g sample of the compound was dissolved in water, and excess silver nitrate was added. The silver...
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    Homework help

    I having some difficulties with some problems in my Chemistry Nyb class and need help. 4. Consider the following reaction. 2 HCl(aq) + Na2CO3(aq)--->2 NaCl(aq) + H2O(l) + CO2(g) The following reaction occurs in a solvent of water (s = 4.184 J/gK, d = 1.00 g/mL) which can be considered as part...