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    Calculating % analytes in HPLC

    When calculating the % of an analyte with HPLC, the raw material used for making the product has a purity of 79%, but the standard used for analysis has a purity of 75%. In the calculation, is there a factor to correct for the purity of the standard, purity of the raw material, or does there...
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    HP HPLC 1050 Series

    I am an undergraduate student whom is refurbishing an HP HPLC 1050 Series and am in need of some parts! If you have any parts for this instrument or any information of where I could find some, please let me know! Thank you
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    HPLC Column - please help

    Hi, I am new to HPLC. Please help. A procedure for the determination of Impurities A & B in a compound says to use a 4.6 x 150mm x 3um column (stationary phase: octadecylsilyl silica gel). The relative retention time with reference to the main peak is: - 1) about 0.2 for Impurity A 2) about...