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    Partial Pressure of Gases Question! URGENT PLEASE!?

    Hi! I am new to this forum so bear with me please :) I have this Inorganic A-Level Chemistry Question about Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure: A mixture of gases containing 70cm3 of propane, C3H8 and 50cm3 of propene, C3H6, were exploded with 3.0dm3 of air containing 21% oxygen, at a pressure...
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    Numbering hydrocarbon branches - QUICK HELP APPRECIATED!

    Hi! I've been given the alkene "3-ethyl-4-propylheptane". I found nothing wrong in the name, however, the 4-prefix (before propyl) is unnecessary since if the propyl would be sitting on ANY other carbon, the longest carbon chain would change and it would no longer be a heptane. My question is...
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    Unsaturated Hydrocarbons

    Which of the following statement applies to unsaturated hydrocarbons: a) the names of the compounds end in `ene` b) the prefix `butyl` denotes three carbon atoms c) the are quite unreactive d) the most characteristic type of reaction is substitution e) all of the C-C bonds are single bonds
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    Reactions of Hydrocarbons

    I have a question where you have to classify each of the following reactions as one of the following reaction types: addition, substitution, hydrogenation, halogenation or combustion, and then write the names and structures for the reactions and products. One question says "ethyne + Cl2-->". So...