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    Green Cobalt(II) hydroxide in D2O

    I reacted Potassium metal with Deuterium oxide in order to yield a basic solution of Potassium deuteroxide. I then added Cobalt(II) chloride to precipitate Cobalt(II) deuteroxide. It has been 2 days already and my precipitate is still green. Why do you think this is?
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    Co2 scrubber with sodium hydroxide and/or lithium hydroxide

    Ok, so me and a friend want to build our own co2 scrubber. After some reasearch, we narrowed down 2 substances- Sodium hydroxide and lithium hydroxide. We are wondering if anyone can help us, design and work out the chemistry needed to accomplish our task.
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    Neutralizing a metal nitrate solute with Sodium Hydroxide

    La(NO3)3*6H20; Sr(NO3)2; Co(NO3)2*6H20; Fe(NO3)3*9H20; Dissolved in 300 mL H20 (DI), heated to 70C, stirring to dissolve into solution. The problem is that the resulting solution pH is too low for a pH meter to read, and indicator strips (0-3) indicate less than, or at least equal to, 0...
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    Two hydroxides; which will precipitate

    Im struggling with this question: Im not looking for the answer, maybe just an example of how to do a similar question. Any help you can offer is much appreciated. Suppose two hydroxides, YOH and Z(OH)2, both have Ksp=1/0*10^-12 and that initially both Y+ and Z^2+ are present in a solution of...
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    why is hydroxide OH- and not HO

    In hydroxide, I thought the hydrogen is the cation (it wants to give away an electron) and the oxygen is the anion (it wants two electrons). I thought the molecular formula would be HO, since the H would be the electron donor and the O would be the electron receptor. So why is it that my...
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    25cm3 of 0.15 mol dm3 sodium hydroxide reacts with 20cm3 of nitric acid

    25cm3 of 0.15 mol dm3 sodium hydroxide reacts with 20cm3 of nitric acid NaOH + HNO3 ----- NaNO3 + H20 a/ Calculate the number of moles of NaOH in 25cm3 b/ What is the number of moles of nitric acid in 20cm3 c/ Calculate the molar concentration of nitric acid I think I have worked them...