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    ideal gas equation dilemma please help

    Hi everyone, I'd appreciate some help with this problem (it is driving me crazy) Humpback whales have large lungs (volume of 3600 L). If a whale takes a full breath of air at the surface (pressure= 1.000 atm or 101.3 kPa) and the internal body temperature of the whale is 36.40°C, how many grams...
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    Ideal gas deviation question

    Hello all, I have to teach the following problem this weekend and I am having trouble with one part of it. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! 2. In a reaction at equilibrium, it is concluded that helium gas behaves more ideally than carbon dioxide. Which of the following accurately...
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    ideal gas

    if the partial pressure of co2 is 30 torr at STP, and nitrogen is the only other gas present whats the percent by mass of co2? please help ;p
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    Quick Algebra (units) help with Ideal Gas Law

    Hey, Well, by inputting the values into the question, this is what it looks like (I have to figure out the value pressure P, Ideal Gas Law: PV = nRT): P(60L) = (3mol)(0.082atm.L/mol.K)(400K) Remember, "atm.L/mol.K" is the UNIT of R (gas constant). No, I have to divide the Volume V (60L)...