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    Solution storage ideas?

    Hi all, I am wondering if anyone have any cost effective ideas for storing large amounts of excess stock solution? For example, I have a 0.200 M stock, ~.75L of Fe(NO3)3 in 1.0M HNO3 and want to save this stock sol'n for one of next year's A.P. labs. I do not have school funding to buy actual...
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    Author asking for basic chemistry ideas for fiction.

    *I have no real chemistry background (just an amateur author) so please excuse my limited description. Can someone suggest how oxygen (O2) in ambient air, could be removed permanently and with little cost. Such as by either attaching it to another molecule, or by splitting it into two atomic...
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    Can anyone give me some ideas for a chem project?

    I'm not asking to be spoon fed. I just dont even know where to start. But the project is Create a unique and effective visual learning tool that can be used to teach and understand the various groupings and characteristics of the periodic table. I don't even know how to approach that. I know...