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    What is organic and inorganic chemistry

    Hello What is difference between organic and inorganic chemistry
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    Inorganic Doubt

    I know the Correct structure of N2O3 but I was thinking why can't its structure be like this in the image.
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    Solubility of Silicic Acid

    The question I have is what is the difference between these two forms of silicic acid. Looking at the chemical formula, one can see one is in hydrated form and the other one has water, but not explicitly mentioned in the formula, it just says hydrate. But the molecular weight is different, for...
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    Inorganic Chemistry

    Hi, Im just getting trouble doing this question 1, I dont know centanly what to do there, but my Professor told that I can solve this fist question if I have made de second one. The second was easy to solve by only solving de DH. I'm so stuked on this first question, thanks if you guys can help...
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    inorganic salt phase change materials

    hello new here . i have moved this post from the new user section. hope this is ok. please tell me if it isn't! my question relates to using sodium sulphate as a PCM i am using the decahydrate form at the moment but the anhydous form is a lot cheaper in bulk. is there a way to convert it to the...
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    Electrolysis Of Saline Solution Yielded Unexpected Percipitate

    I have recently conducted an experiment aimed at producing sodium hydroxide (NaOH) from a saline solution using an electrolysis method. I did this outside so as to disperse the various gases of H2 gas and Cl2 gas but I also made sure no outside contaminants, such as dirt, were introduced into...
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    inorganic question

    In a fused magma liquid from which silicate minerals crystallize, the metal ions can be four-coordinate. In olivine crystals, the M(II) co- ordination sites are octahedral. Partition coef cients, which are definied as Kp=[M(II)]olivine/[M(II)]melt , follow the order Ni(II) Co(II) Fe(II)...
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    Inorganic/Material Chemistry Dissertation Title Help

    Hey all, By September I'm to have come up with a dissertation title for my Chemistry Bsc, which I'm struggling with. I have an interest in materials and inorganic chemistry. So far I've only thought of some kind of analysis of 3D printing filaments or thermoplastics. Any ideas on similar...
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    Is this MO diagram correct? Copper 2+ (18-crown-6 ether) complex

    Hello all! Ive been a long time lurker of these forums, but finally registered to seek help for a problem im stuck on! Ive constructed the following MO diagram for a complex im trying to synthesize. Am I on the right track? The splitting and degeneracy of d...
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    Inquiry lab inorganic compounds

    Hello, I am having a problem with the following: I need to find a way to identify 3 given solid compounds as either salt, hydroxide or acid. I would start with measuring pH after dissolving in water. Low pH would mean it s no hydroxide, but it can still be an acid or a salt. Then I would...
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    Ligand field theory MO

    I am trying to build a molecular diagram for the active site of horseradish peroxidase, the iron attached to the 4 nitrogen in the heme and to an histidine. Please someone help!!! I just need someone to guide me or see if what I am doing make sense:(:(:(:( Please answer if you can!!
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    Inorganic Solvents

    Does there exist any other inorganic solvent apart from water???
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    Difference between organic and inorganic chemistry

    What are the main differences between studying organic chemistry and inorganic? I know organic involves carbon and inorganic everything else Does organic make more covalent bonds because of carbon? Is inorganic more ionic? People tell me they enjoy organic chem more but I can't see too much...
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    Partial Pressure of Gases Question! URGENT PLEASE!?

    Hi! I am new to this forum so bear with me please :) I have this Inorganic A-Level Chemistry Question about Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure: A mixture of gases containing 70cm3 of propane, C3H8 and 50cm3 of propene, C3H6, were exploded with 3.0dm3 of air containing 21% oxygen, at a pressure...
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    What's the difference: Inorganic synthesis

    Hi! I was just wondering if there is a difference between potassium tris(oxalato)ferrate and potassium tris(oxalato)ferrate III? Thank you!
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    Inorganic mechanism

    Hello! at the moment I am facing a piece of quite advanced chemistry problems... one of them - to show formation of a dimer of [Fe(OH2)6]3+ (I tried to upload a picture but didn't succeed.) by reaction mechanisms and show why it is acidic. Could anyone help me with this?.. Picture of product -...