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    Mathematics of the kinetics

    Hello together, unfortunately, I do not get on with my task: Specify an expression for the concentration of A. Given is: dc(A) ------= -k1*c(A) + k2*c(B)*c(C) dt - Normally I would obey the following steps: 1. *dt =>dc(A)= (-k1*c(A) + k2*c(B)*c(C))*dt 2. Set c(A) to the left side...
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    Integration values of NMR aren't integers

    I am looking at a proton NMR spectrum with three integration values, one of which is an integer and two of which are not. The non-integer values do not look very "friendly" - I have tried multiplying them by a guesswork to see if anything jumps out at me but nothing has worked. What methods do...