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    I am Leesa Johnson, newbie to this forum. I would like to discuss new updates on chemistry with experts.
  2. C

    New here

    hello this is Cynthia from Creative Biomart, new here. Hope to learn more about chemistry here.
  3. D


    I am daisy, this is the first time I came to here, I am a music fan. I love all kinds of music like: Blues, Jazz, Country music, pop music, folk music, hip-hop,classical music. But that, unfortunately, i am sing out of tune very often.
  4. C


    Hi, I'm a new user and my name is Phillescia Jean From the Caribbean:D
  5. N

    NOMSC Introduction

    Greetings, I am a former member of math help forum (also admin by mash) and his forum has helped my mathematical abilities tremendously. Unforunately, my interests have changed from mathematics to chemistry. Along with a couple of my friends, I have started a new group of contests. Together...
  6. G

    My introduction.

    Good day to all existing members,i am a citizen of Nigeria,from Abuja.I am an undergraduate student and am so delighted to be a member of the CHF and I hope I to enjoy the rest of my stay in the CHF.If i may ask;is chemistry the most interesting science subject?
  7. Tchrgk

    Tchrgk Introduction

    Hello everyone! I am a retired HS chemistry teacher (since 1995), and a current adjunct college instructor (since 1974). I have taught Chemistry and AP Chemistry in high school. I have taught Introductory Chemistry, General Chemistry, and General, Organic & Biological Chemistry at a community...
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    My name is Annabeauty, I am not actually gud at chemistry but I know in no due time you all can help me.