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    Ionization energy

    Hello, I was wondering how would you this question without a data booklet? 15. Values for the successive ionization energies for an unknown element are given in the table below. In which group of the periodic table would the unknown element be found? A. 1 B. 2 C. 3 D. 4 Thanks!
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    Ionize Iron powder/filing

    Hi all, I am searching for an effective way to obtain electrically charged iron powder grain. I thought that one way could be ionizing the grain with a REDOX. Is that possible? Are there references to read how such process can be performed in safety? You have in mind other ways to leave the...
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    oseltamivir ionization

    Hi I was working though a practice test and just have a quick and possibly obvious question. I was asked to draw oseltamivir ionized at physiological pH 7.4 At pH 7.4 I thought the primary amine and the secondary amine would both accept a hydrogen and both acquire a positive charge I don't...
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    Enthalpy of ionization?

    If the heat of neutralization of aqueous benzoic acid (a weak monoprotic acid) is -54.6 kJ/mol , what is the enthalpy of ionization of benzoic acid? I know that the formula for delta H = qrxn/ moles reacting I'm not sure how to find it. Any help appreciated!
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    Ionization of HCl

    In this problem, I'm asked to find the ionization of HCl I wrote it as: HCl + H2O --> H3O^+ + Cl^- but in my book I see it written as: HCl --> H^+ + Cl^- is this another way of writting it? Also,when writing these equations out in general does it matter in what order you write out the...
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    Changes in Energy due to Ionization

    Mg(g) > Mg+(g) + e- Change in E = 735 Mg(g) > Mg charge 2+(g) + e- Change in E = 1445 O(g) + e- > O- Change in E = -141 O-(g) + e- > O charge 2- Change...