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    The correct amu of iron?

    Hey, i noticed that in different graphics of the periodic elements Iron has a amu of 55.845, but in others 55.847. Can anyone confirm either one or is it simply a rounding of the number? Thank you for any help.
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    How iron work

    Hello How iron work what is strongest and life of it
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    Iron tablet titration

    Hello, i am new here and i am having problems with a redox titration lab i would really appreciate if someone can help me see what could explain the flaws of the method i used. In my lab practice i was trying to analyse how much iron there was in an iron tablet compared to the actual value it...
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    Ionize Iron powder/filing

    Hi all, I am searching for an effective way to obtain electrically charged iron powder grain. I thought that one way could be ionizing the grain with a REDOX. Is that possible? Are there references to read how such process can be performed in safety? You have in mind other ways to leave the...
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    brittle Iron nail

    Anyone know what is the chemical the put on the stone so to make the iron nail brittle?
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    Iron nitrate and hydrochloric acid reaction

    Will iron nitrate and hydrochloric acid react? Am completely confused by this reaction.. Please help!
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    Colorimetric Determination of Iron in Multivitamins

    What happens if you omit the hydroquinone from the the solution prepared to determine the amount of iron in the unknown. What effect is that omission likely to have on the results? I know hydroquinone is the limiting reagent and is oxidized. PS: I think because in the experiment, it donates...
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    Cobalt, iron,nickel,copper,zinc reactions with ligand timolol maleate and others

    hi frends.. I want reaction of following. Cobalt iron zink nickel copper With timolol meleate.
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    Electrolysis Help

    Could you please help me with this: I'm doing an electrolysis lab in which I am plating copper. Here is the setup: The output of a DC power supply is hooked up to an ammeter (to measure the amperage) which is then connected to an Fe cathode. The Fe cathode is in a beaker containing a Cu...
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    I've just ran XRD analysis of Fe (fine powder), FeCl3.6H20. I am using Xpert Highscore software. I am unsure what some of the collumns means in the pattern list - Score? Displ.[°2Th]? Scale Factor? Just an understanding of what they mean would be, I need to prove that they are the compounds...