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    Ketone Isomers

    Hi, I need help with making ketone isomers. Since I'm in GR 11 chemistry, we don't learn ketone molecular formulas, only naming. Draw 3 structural isomers of a ketone with 5 carbons, 1 oxygen and 8 hydrogen. I have an answer key and one of the isomers are pent-4-en-2-one. The answer is an...
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    Isomers of C13H18O2

    What are the constitutional isomers of C13H18O2 ?
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    Cis-Trans isomers

    Cis-trans isomers are possible because of: a) free rotation about a single bond b) carbon bonding orbitals are tetrahedral c) there is no rotation about single bonded carbons d) there is no rotation about double bonded carbons e) organic molecules can resonate
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    I need to draw an isomer for each formula. The molecular formula is: C11H8NO3Cl5 The structural Hints are: 1. 2 carbonyl containing functional groups 2. only 1 methylene unit connected to two carbonyls 3. 2 equivalent methyl fragments Another molecular formula: C6H10O3...