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    Hello, I want to determine the reaction order of this example: t cB(mol/l) 0 2 10 1 20 1,5 30 1,75 40 1,88 I think that this cannot be a first order reaction but wich other order can it be and how can i calculate this?? Please help me.
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    Kinetic Isotope Effects

    Is the difference in kH/kD due to the first reaction being Sn2 and the second being Sn1?
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    kinetic clock reaction/ confused

    Given the rate equation... RATE = ([ Na2S2O3]/time) = k [I-]a [BrO3-]b [HCl]c 1A) You mix together in the proper manner the following: 10.0 mL of .0100 M Potassium Iodide 10.0 mL of .00100 M Sodium thiosulfate 10.0 mL of water 10.0 mL of .0400 M Potassium Bromate 10.0 mL of .100 M HCl The time...
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    Kinetic Chemistry Problem

    Can't figure this one out. (I don't know jack about chemistry and am trying to teach myself.) "How much work is done in kilojoules as a result of the reaction shown?"
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    Changes in Potential and Kinetic Energy During Changes of State

    Im kinda confused about the change in kinetic and potential energy during changes of state. For example, when gas turns into liquid, kinetic energy stays constant, but why does potential energy decrease? Shouldn't it go up since the molecules are closer and tighter together? Also, when a liquid...