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    Limiting Reactant and Yield

    Incomplete combustion of the fuel in a poorly tuned engine can produce toxic carbon monoxide along with the usual carbon dioxide and water. In a test of an off-road motor-cycle engine, 1,00 L of octane(of mass 702g) is burned and it was found that 1,84 kg of carbon dioxide is produced. What is...
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    Please help with calculating limiting reagent?

    I did an experiment in which I added 0.2116 mols acetic anhydride to 0.0222 mols glucose to form 0.0178 mols glucose pentaacetate. I am attempting to calculate the limiting reagent, but I can't balance the equation properly! What I get is: 15 C4H6O3 + -2 C6H12O6 = 3 C16H22O11 How am I...
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    Limiting Reagent Help

    Hello everyone, Please look at snapshot of problem that I saved in this link: ^^ You'll probably have to view original to see it in larger size by clicking on icon on bottom right with the 3 dots (...). I did this problem and got the...
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    Limiting reactants

    SrH2 + 2H2O --> Sr(OH)2 + 2H2 You wish to calculate the mass of hydrogen gas that can be prepared from 5.70 of SrH2 and 4.75 of H2O. a. How many moles of H2 can be produced from the given mass of SrH2? b. How many moles of H2 can be produced from the given mass of H2O? c. Which is the limiting...
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    Limiting Reactants

    *Nvm* Lock this sorry
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    hydration radius with Debye-huckel limiting law

    Dear all, I don't know how to compute the hydration radius with Debye-huckel limiting law? It would be great to help me in this problem.
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    Limiting Nutrient Ratio Question

    My professor didn't do the best job at explaining this concept, so hopefully someone can help. I just don't understand how to approach this mathematically. The Nitrogen-Phosphorus ratio in wastewater is 9. The Nitrogen-Phosphorus ratio in algae is 27. Which is the limiting nutrient? How is...
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    Equations and observations and limiting reagent

    two more questions That i want to check if I have completed correctly. This one I belive my observations could be a bit better any suggestions? I just want to check if I haven't made any silly mistakes in this question