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    Percentages of Soluble To Liquid.

    Hi there. I have an industry based project that requires me to work out (For example) 5% solution of Caustic Soda To an amount of Water (such as 1L etc.) for input into machine sterilization equipment. For example 15% Of Peracetic acid to 300ml of water. Can anybody help as to how I work out...
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    What's the best flux liquid for soldering copper onto stainless steel, HCl or H3PO4?

    What's the best flux liquid for soldering copper onto stainless steel, HCl or H3PO4, with how many percent concentration of each ? How's logical explanation on solder sticking process will actually work some suggest Phosphoric acid better, actually I tried both works, ...many thanks in advance !
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    How to calculate amount by weight, of a powder in a liquid

    I need to add .2% of a flavor powder to an amount of milk. How would I calculate the amount, in grams, of the flavor powder that would be required to go into 8oz of milk. Thank you.
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    Difference between liquid HCl and a solution of HCl

    I know that HCl is a compound whose 1 molecule is composed of 1 hydrogen and 1 chlorine atom bonded co-valently to each other, the bond being polar co-valent. It exists in gaseous state at room temperature. When HCl gas is dissolved in water, it dissociates to furnish H+ ions and thus HCl...
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    How to pass a current of air through one liquid to another liquid

    Can some one plz help me. how to pass a current of air through one liquid to another. it's written in the book that "Pass a current of air through liquid A to liquid B then liquid B shows white turbidity".
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    turn liquid into foaming liquid

    I am looking for help on how to turn a liquid into a foaming liquid so that it does not run when used on vertical surfaces. Can someone tell me where to start?
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    Was just wondering if anyone on here knows stuff about ferrofluids. I'm doing a presentation on them for a chem class, and was just looking for more specific info. I know ferrofluids are fluids with nano magnetite particles suspended in a carrier with a surfactant to prevent the nano's from...
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    How much liquid water evaporated?

    Water at 0 Celsius was placed in a dish inside a vessel maintained at low pressure by a vacuum pump. After a quantity of water evaporated, the remainder froze. If 9.31 g of ice at 0 Celsius was obtained, how much liquid water must have evaporated? The heat of fusion of water is 6.01 kJj/mol and...
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    Adding liquid on dynamic equilibrium

    Hi chemists! Just a small question... If I have established a closed system equilibrium between a vapor and liquid... then add some more liquid, what would happen? I thought there be more gas because the equilibrium shifts in a way such that: Liquid <---> Gas Producing more gas according to...
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    Sodium Bromate Calculation -PPM in Liquid Media

    Hello All, I hope I have found the right group of people. I am a graduate student working on some bacteria research...and need a little refresher in Chemistry as it has been years since I completed the courses. I need to figure out how much Sodium Bromate to add to a 1 L solution in order for...