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    Magnesium Carbonate and Potassium Borohydride Purity Tests

    Hi guys, I'm having problems finding a purity test method I can carry out on Mag Carb and Pot Borohydride. Any help would be great!
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    What is magnesium

    Hello Where magnesium is used
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    synthesis of ammonium magnesium phosphate x 6 H2O

    Any help appreciated, it's been 37 yrs. since I was in univ. chemistry class. Trying to flesh out the stochiometric/molar quantities (grams) of magnesium oxide to be combined with monoammoniumphosphate (MAP, a common fertilizer) to create ammonium magnesium phosphate x 6 H2O ? I'm guessing I...
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    Magnesium Sulfate Heptahydrate Solubility Curve

    Hello all, I'm new on this forum, so forgive me if I'm posting it in wrong section. Also, I'm from Brazil, sorry for my bad english. I need the magnesium sulfate heptahydrate solubility curve, to make some mass balances. Can someone post it please? I will be grateful.
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    Eudiometer Volume Discrepancies

    Hi everybody, I really am having trouble with one question on my 10th grade chemistry lab. The experiment that it is about involved magnesium and hydrochloric acid. We put a chunk of magnesium in the bottom of a eudiometer tube with HCL at the top that, because it was denser than water, came...
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    AS Chemistry Help Needed

    Well Im trying to do my homework for AS Chemistry but im struggling so I thought I would ask you all to help The Question: "The Ne Atom and the Mg2+ ion have the same number of electrons. Give two reasons why the first ionisation energy of neon is lower than the third ionisation energy of...