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    Making process of THC pills

    You can always get the natural THC pills at your local dispensary. But it’s also a good idea to make them on your own if resources are available as you can personalize you doses according to your need Firstly, get organic cannabis and weigh it. Each individual might require a different dose. So...
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    making garlic pesticide

    Hi there i have a small farm in the west of ireland and i have 50 kg of spare garlic. I'm trying to find out what i must add to it to make a pesticicde concentrate. I know the simple recipie which is Garlic , Water and Washing up liquid. My problem is that i want to make a 500 bottles of...
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    Making water glass

    I need to make liquid water glass. My local chemical supply carries anhydrous sodium metasilicate and pentahydrate which should I use and what will be the mixing procedure? Thanks
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    Molar calculations - making CuCl2

    I am making CuCl2 - Cu (s) + 2 HCl (aq) -> CuCl2 + H2 My calculation is this: Molar weight of copper is ~63 g/mol thus I have 10/63= ~ 0.16 mol of copper. Making CuCl2 from it should take 2*0.16 ~ 0.32 mol of acid. 32% solution HCl ~ 10 mol which means 1mol ~ 100ml so I need 0.32*100ml ~...
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    Help making Copper Salicylate

    Hello. I'm in need of help from some chem geeks :). I'm a Home Schooling mama and my 14 year old daughter is learning chem. We are trying to make Copper Salicylate, for a vitamin & mineral supplementation experiment, and all we can find about it, on Wiki, is that it is a mixture of copper...
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    Making Acrylonitrile

    Hi, I'm trying to figure this problem out, though I have NO clue what I am supposed to do to figure this out could anyone please help?
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    Making a solar concentrater, want idea for use

    I'm happily putting together a mirror array. Well, solving the issues anyway. But I wanted to poll the brain of this forum to see what someone might do with 200K watts of heat, keeping the pressure low and the temp low enough for materials to last, say under 1200F. Any ideas? Temp could go much...