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    Calculating Mole Masses, Combustion

    Hello I am stuck with these 5 homework problem that I am unable to solve or set it up, can anyone help me how to get the answer to these? 1) Calculate the number of grams and pounds of CO2 that result from the combustion of 1 gallon of gasoline (we will assume that gasoline is mostly octane...
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    Calculating Reacting Masses

    My homework :( Dilute hydrochloric acid was added to zinc until no further reaction occured. a). Write a balanced equation b). If 0.012 mole of zinc chloride was formed, what mass of zinc reacted? c). What mass of zinc chloride would be produced if 0.040 mole of hydrochloric acid reacted with...
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    Pls Halp. Find group 7A element given equation and masses.

    For my General College Chemistry class I have to figure this out: You have a 275 mg sample of a compound that contains aluminum and a group 7A element. This compound reacts w/ excess AgNO3 as follows (X=unknown element) AlX3+ 3AgNO3---->3AgX+ Al(NO3)3 The reaction forma 581 mg of AgX...